Innovation is in our DNA

Our products are 100% made in Italy.

From the first idea to final output, every aspect of development is carried out in our R&D Centre where a team of engineers takes care of every detail.

The design, technology and materials are the result of ongoing innovation and field testing to achieve the best possible performance.

As was the case with Krion™, the material we chose to build our products, in virtue of its greater flexibility, lightness, acoustic insulation and resistance.

The Krion™ K-LIFE 1100 KEAST (Krion Eco Active Solid Technology) patented technology reacts to UV light causing a photocatalytic process that purifies the air we breathe and neutralises its pollutants.


Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is one of the pillars of our company vision. It governs both the production process and the product life cycle, with a view to reduce the grey energy required to transport, transform, assemble, fit and dispose of the products.

All products are assembled in the company plant using 100% self-generated energy and recyclable materials such as Krion™.

Our home trainers do not require electrical power. SG-3 even generates it own, using the energy produced from pedalling.

The company plant is certified CasaClima Gold Nature, which guarantees the sustainability of the production cycle and the wellbeing of Stepgear team members.


Train indoors as on the road

We know there's no better feeling than cutting through the air and spinning your wheels on the ground. But, thanks to technology and design, we are able to recreate the dynamics and sensation of cycling outdoors, so you can take on that steep hill, challenge yourself or another cyclist on the opposite side of the world.

SG-1, the Advanced Home Trainer with AIR DRIVE patented technology for smooth and lag-free pedalling.

SG-3, the Interactive Home Trainer, a computerised training platform that gives home training a new meaning.

SG-360, the Universal Totem, for a totally immersive training experience. Works with all home trainers.