The universal Totem

The totem is designed to offer you a multisensorial and multifunctional training experience. As the integrated touchscreen and 2.1 professional audio system surround you in an immersive atmosphere, the computerized gradient simulator and ventilation system will add comfort and realism to your experience.

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Transform your training

The interactive home trainer that combines patented AIR DRIVE technology with an Axial Flux Generator to give an incredibly true-life feeling to your pedaling, even when simulating uphill cycling. The Krion™ casing in ecological, highly resistant, and flexible material adapts to the lateral swaying of the bike, so you can enjoy a realistic feeling without stressing the frame of your bike.

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Just think about pedalling

The ideal home trainer for cyclists who seek professional training, ease of use and manageability. The patented AIR DRIVE technology uses the power of your pedals to generate resistance, recreating the same sensation of outdoor cycling as well as ensuring smoothness and fluidity to the movement, also thanks to the Poly-V® transmission belt.

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Sports without boundaries

The only home trainer in the world with handbike sconfiguration and speech synthesizer for a truly inclusive training experience. Suitable for all handbike models, it's easy to set up and very stable. Like other Stepgear home trainers, it's ready to go without electrical power, calibration or setup.

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