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By configuring the product, it will arrive ready for the first use with your bike.Inside the package there will be a conversion kit to be used with all types of bikes.

SG-H1.5 (+€ 180.00)
60 - Pure White
61 - Jet Black
62 - Sulfur Yellow (+€ 70.00)
63 - Traffic Red (+€ 70.00)
64 - Violante (+€ 70.00)
64 - Ultramarine Blue (+€ 70.00)
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Why choose SG-H

The only home trainer in the world with handbike sconfiguration and speech synthesizer for a truly inclusive training experience. Suitable for all handbike models, it’s easy to set up and very stable. Like other Stepgear home trainers, it’s ready to go without electrical power, calibration or setup.

Product overview

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